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Wyatt Watkins Book Series | Young Aduly Book Series
Wyatt Watkins and the Adder Stones | Young Adult Book Series
The Watkins House
Rose and the Watchers
Welcome to Cloverbrook
The Pumpkin Smash
Wyatt and the Lunchroom
The Watchers

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Book 3 - Currently in production

Wyatt Watkins and the Adderstones
Wyatt Watkins and the Adderstones

ISBN-13- 978-1512394269

“Wyatt Watkins is like most young boys his age. He’s an excited daydreamer, always eager to make friends – and he always keeps an eye out for his next adventure. Life in New York City has always been simple and pleasant for Wyatt and his siblings, Josh and Rose. Wyatt works hard in school, gets good grades, and enjoys a reliable and fun circle of friends. But when tragedy strikes the Watkins family, they are forced to relocate from the city to Upstate New York and the rural, forgotten town of Cloverbrook. A seemingly harmless, small town of roughly 3,000 people, nestled at the base of the Adirondack Mountains, Cloverbrook welcomes the family quickly as it prepares for its 72nd Annual Pumpkin Smash and Harvest Festival. Wyatt finds the massive forests, blanketed in a sea of orange, red and yellow leaves, the perfect playground to adjust to his new life, while the family struggles to cope with their loss. But deep in the dark forests that surround the town, a hidden evil lurks…waiting…watching. And while the evil forces in the forest continue to grow, Wyatt uncovers an artifact with untold power that will thrust the entire family into the middle of an ancient struggle between good and evil..”

"Wyatt Watkins and The Table of the Marked, Wyatt must decipher clues left behind that will help him find those that he lost and unlock the secrets of his family’s past. He will find himself surrounded by some who wish to help him and those who wish to do him harm. Faced with the reality that they can no longer hide from their past, each member of the Watkins family will find themselves in their own danger – as they seek a way to unite and confront their family’s destiny. And as a massive winter storm threatens all of Cloverbrook from behind the cold Adirondack Mountains, they will all come to know the one true evil that threatens to alter the very fabric of existence and bring an end to the world itself."

Wyatt Watkins and the Table of the Marked

ISBN-13- 978-1544694696

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