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Jacob Tate

Jacob Tate is an Amazon Best Selling Author in both Dark Fantasy and Horror Occult. He writes with a focus in paranormal, mystery, horror and fantasy. Currently residing in Lebanon, OH. He is the author of two books - the adult horror/humor series, Max Cutter and The First Black Book and the young adult fantasy series, Wyatt Watkins and the Adder Stones.

The Wyatt Watkins series focuses on the adventures of a young boy and his brother and sister as they adjust to life after a tragic loss in the family. Co-authoring the series with Kate Callahan, the series is targeted towards young adult and adult readers alike. It is a mix of fantasy, action and coming of age and appeals to readers of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and similar works.

The Max Cutter series is written with a adult, humorous style to accompany the horror and supernatural components, and it revolves around a fun loving and sarcastic central character. Max is often thrust into extremely dangerous situations and symbolizes being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He counters the awkwardness of facing monsters, ghosts, demons and potential death through a wry and catching wit.

A child of the 80's, Jacob infuses his work with a number of movie, cartoon and TV references that date back to Star Wars and work their way up until present day.

Kate Callahan, has been the Creative Director of Callahan Customs for the past 7 years.  This is her debut novel after being successfully involved in a number of online and media creative works. Seeing the Wyatt Watkins series come to life has been one of her biggest dreams come true. 

Kate Callahan

Mat Sadler

I'm an illustrator. I do digital paintings of anything, from sci-fi and fantasy art to childrens book illustrations, and everything in between.

Contact me if you want some awesome paintings done, or a book illustrated, or something.

Artwork for the Wyatt Watkins Series

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