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This was a very enjoyable read that is suitable for both young (teens) and adult level readers. Wyatt Watkins, the main character, is a young boy that has recently moved to Upstate NY with his family. They have suffered through a loss in the family and moved to a new area in hopes of a fresh start. Wyatt, and his brother and sister, are quickly immersed in making new friends and adjusting to their surroundings – but soon find themselves involved in a race to obtain an Adder Stone (which has some pretty cool powers). Wyatt reminded me of the Mikey from the Goonies – fun, charming, a bit aloof at times. I enjoyed the setting of the book – which focused on the Fall and Halloween in NY. While the first half of the book took a bit of time to get going, it didn’t sacrifice plot of character development (which was great). The 2nd half of the book had some great action sequences and there’s clearly a much bigger story being told. I’m really looking forward to the next book.

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Great start to hopefully a larger series. I loved the in-depth character development and awesome story line. Wyatt, the main character, is a young adventurer who is simply trying to adjust to life in his new surroundings when he is thrust into an ancient good vs. evil struggle. Wyatt and his friends become the main focus as the action starts to take place. These action sequences cutting back and forth were impressive given everything that was happening at the same time. The author does a fantastic job making it easy for you to feel like you are right in the middle of the fight. I also loved the colorful descriptions of the town, The Pumpkin Smash and parade taking place. The ending of the book left me hanging on the edge of my seat. I need to know what happens to Wyatt and his friends next. When is the next book coming? Please hurry!

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